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Pete’s Taxi and Car Rentals Company is located in Freetown Village and has been in operation for over 20 years. We can take care of all your transportation needs while visiting Antigua. Need a taxi? We got you. Prefer to rent a car? No problem.

Pete’s Taxi and Car Rentals offers high quality¬†taxi services to Airport as well as a diverse fleet of rental cars to choose from. We are friendly, reliable and professional and strive to offer the best value and experience throughout your stay.Pete’s Taxi and Car Rentals is operated out of Mill Reef Club and also at Nonsuch Bay. We have a wide range of vehicles for our clients desire.

When renting a vehicle, a temporary Antigua Drivers License is required, one time fee of USD $20 or EC $50 valid for 3 months. We offer competitive prices, insurance against collision damages and free pick-up/delivery island wide.

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