Checklist To Follow During Hiring Car Rental Antigua Airport

To choose the right vehicles you will need to choose the right company. This will need you to make superior arrangements well in advance to make your trip memorable. Moreover, when you travel in such a rented car the last thing you want is to end up with legal obligations and hassles on the road and pay extra for the services. Wrong choice will also result in other confrontations that will not only be surprising but undesired as well. It is therefore required that you inquire about all the intricacies regarding car rental service, its types, the cars, the insurance, local traffic rules and all other relevant aspects.

Read The Contract

All Car Rental Antigua Airport will have a contract signed by you but it goes without saying that before you put your signature you must read the contract carefully. Read between the lines and deep into the fine print to find out any hidden clauses, surprising fees and other issues that you least desire. You must make sure that all charges and the facilities provided are clearly mentioned in the contract and provided accordingly.  There may be different local excesses but make sure you know about these all and all of these are mentioned in the contract along with the terms and conditions.

Car Rental Antigua

The Insurance Factor

Before you book you must check the insurance factor and terms of the company. This is important as most of the Antigua Car Rental companies make maximum profit by selling insurance that you may or may not require. You must therefore check before you book the levels of CDW and excesses of theft protection. If you find that these are too much on the higher side you can opt for zero excess covers. It is also advised that you compare these all with the local top-up insurance provided in an annual policy with the broker to be of the safe side.

Driver Policy And Other Factors

Apart from that you should also check the driver policy followed by the company as few Car Rental Antigua companies may charge extra for additional drivers citing insurance issues. Similarly, check for additional costs if any and the terms for child seats hire if you are travelling with your family and kids. This can be very high at times and will vary for different companies. Check for the deposit amount of the car if you want to drive it on your own and also inquire about the regulations of driving in the specific location. It is best to visit the internet to find out about the local rules.

The Fuel Policy

Assuming that you want to drive the car on your own the most significant thing to consider is the fuel policy followed by the Antigua Car Rentals. This is also another area where the company can maximize their profit. You should never agree to the full-to-empty fuel policy as will end up paying double the amount in gas. The best option to choose is the full-to-full fuel policy.