Factors That You Should Look For During Rental Car Antigua

It is very easy to get allured by the strategic business policies of the car rental company and then realize in the end that you are duped by the company. It is therefore necessary to consider all the factors before booking your car hire. This will enable you to avoid any unwanted and unpleasant surprises. You must not only look at the variety of cars available but you must also read the terms and conditions very carefully talking enough time to clarify all your doubts. More often than not, these terms and conditions are not exhaustive and do not contain the surprise elements for sure.

Try The Brokers

If you are new in this Rental Car Antigua venture and do not know how to go about it to avoid being duped in the end you can take help of the car hire brokers. These brokers will make the comparison of price and services easier for you. You will be able to see different car rental firms and their services offered on one single site. However, you will have to be a bit cautious about your final selection as each price may not essentially include all the similar things. Therefore, you must have a final check before booking the car.

Know About The Insurance

There are few brokers that can also help you to get special deals from the company but be aware of the different levels of control of the brokers over what the suppliers sell you. This is necessary to avoid paying up extra when you think that you have already paid for everything on offer. You should also know about the insurance options as this is the specific element on which most car rental companies make money. Therefore when you opt for a Cheap Rental Car Antigua, be very careful about the insurance that they offer you along with it.

The Fuel Policy

It is also required to check the fuel policy of the Car Rental Company Antigua while picking up the car.  The full tank or half-full tank policy is ideally the most economical choice but in some cases the companies may ask you to pay for a full tank of fuel and empty it when you return the car. You will be paid no refunds for the unused fuel and feel that you have been ripped off. Therefore, it is best to avoid this policy. You can choose to fill the tank as and when required as per your travel schedule.

Book Your Car Early

With the online booking facility available nowadays it makes all the sense to book your car early. This way you can also enjoy some discounts on early booking which is a usual practice amongst all car rental companies. Apart from that you should also check the age restrictions that are applicable as several car rental companies charge a premium when they rent a car to someone who is less than 21 years or over 70 years of age. Such little checks will prevent you from being duped.